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Exclusive real estate in the
south of Limburg

PH Exclusive Real Estate was built on nearly two decades of knowledge, experience and passion, aiming to redefine the traditional brokerage standards. We are specialized in the sales and rental of unique objects that improve the quality of life. Within our approach we bring of knowledge and experience in the industry, the market and successful work processes together with feeling, time, and attention. For both seller and buyer, pursue the best results.

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Proporty spotlight

Broekhem 118

Type villa
Living 274 m2
Parcel 848 m2

€ 985.000,- k.k.

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Maishegge 10

Type detached house
Living 164 m2
Parcel 364 m2

€ 750.000,- k.k.

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Broekhem 91

Type detached house
Living 263 m2
Parcel 590 m2

€ 725.000,- k.k.

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Frederik Hendriklaan 50 E03

Type penthouse
Living 123 m2
Volume 405 m3

€ 895.000,- k.k.

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Rijksweg 84

Type detached house
Living 328 m2
Parcel 1150 m2

€ 875.000,- k.k.

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