About us

About us

The identity of Pro Housing Exclusive Real Estate is distinctive and is central to luxury, exclusivity, and impeccable quality - supported by our commitment to unparalleled personalized service and continuous innovation. Our mission is to redefine the traditional norms and practices of the residential real estate and investment industry. Creating the luxury real estate experience, nurtured by niche specialists who work together to achieve excellent results for our clients.

The result is a tailor-made customer experience guided by our in-depth knowledge of the luxury real estate industry.

"The sale of a house is a special process. As a sales broker in the private sector, my job is to close a deal that reflects the financial and emotional value of a home. That is, a deal that you can only achieve by sufficient expertise, decisiveness, time, and especially attention. Where creating the unique experience for both buyer and seller is central. As a director of PH Exclusive Real Estate, I make sure that my colleagues have all the space to offer you that experience."

Luc Huynen  Director- Real Estate Agent

"Within PH Exclusive Real Estate, we notice that digitization is changing the role of the broker. While embracing those changes, we believe it is especially important to be distinctive and to make use of our human added value. Personal contact and attention give me the right insights to guide my clients full of creativity, passion, and perseverance in the sale or purchase of a home. In this way I want to exceed my customers' expectations and build a future-proof relationship. Buying and selling a property is a unique experience. Afterall, you help both buyer and seller with a big step in their life. That creates a bond."

Bibi Wijnants  Real Estate Agent

"Basically, rental and sale are two separate worlds, however, within investment real estate they come together seamlessly. Whenever you buy or sell an investment property, you will always get in touch with rental. My years of experience in both branches gives me the knowledge and experience that gives me advantage as an investment broker to really unburden my clients. With an all-round advice, a strong network of investors and landlords and my colleagues at Pooters, who can support with rental or property management."

Gyvan Pooters  Director – Investment Property Advisor

"The nice thing about the rental branch is the dynamic within it. I sometimes get the question if it would be possible to find a new tenant by tomorrow, and then the day after do the key transfer. Then the answer is almost always: "Yes, that's possible'. At PH Exclusive Real Estate, we always do that with an all-round advice for the landlord, professional photography, floor plans, visibility at the right time and platforms and via the right relocators. As a spider in that ongoing web, I can continuously help finding the right people at the right homes. That is correspondingly with the right network and years of experience!"

Bermon Pooters  Operations Manager