About us

About us

Pro Housing Exclusive Real Estate specializes in exclusive real estate in the south of Limburg and is your dependable real estate agent regarding sale-, purchase- and rental of your home. We stand your specialists surpassing 40 years of experience in the private housing market and real estate investment.

With a great amount of passion and enthusiasm, I have been working in the real estate sector for quite some time. As a sales and purchase specialist in the more sophisticated South Limburg segment, I am able to achieve respectable and correct sales through expert guidance, clear communication and direct implementation.

As a co-founder of Pro Housing Exclusive Real Estate, I will provide you with the optimal guidance in your exclusive real estate sale and purchase process and will see this as a challenge.

Luc Huynen  Director- Real Estate Agent

For more than 10 years I have been gaining experience in the real estate world and I have been working at Pro-Housing in Pooters real estate for quite some time now. This has been resulting in an extensive customer network. My enthusiasm and focus especially goes out to the specialization in renting out exclusive real estate.

With my keen eye for detail and my tremendous precision, I can ensure that the entire rental process will run smoothly and that I give tenants and landlords that little bit of extra personal customer contact from start to finish. Furthermore, I will supervise the hiring process in finding a suitable accommodation for expats together with several international relocators.

Bo Gorren  Senior Rental Agent

In 2007, I started as a real estate agent with the company "Kamer Beheer Maastricht" and "Gyvan Pooters Makelaardij". Selling homes was challenging during these crisis years. However, as a rental broker I have built up a large customer base of landlords in a short time.

During 2015, the housing market slowly emerged from the crisis, as a result of which landlords wanted to sell the rental properties and our (investment) range grew. Due to the increase in ‘owner-occupied homes’ our company grew massively causing me to start managing and working more on building the company instead of working in the company.

Because of the confidence built up with relations and landlords, I am more often approached about buying or selling investment property. As a result, I will be active within Pro Housing Exclusive Real Estate as an Investment property Advisor and I will be having an advising and guiding role in the purchase and sales of investment property.

Gyvan Pooters  Director – Investment Property Advisor

As manager of operations, my goal is to ensure a good foundation for Pro Housing Exclusive Real Estate. That includes the acquisition, planning, support, guidance and professionalization of the team. For me, it is a tremendous advantage that I have been self-employed since I was 19 years old. The catering businesses that I once started have given me a lot of perceptiveness into people and have shown me how important teamwork is.

Since 2009 I have been involved in the establishment and growth of Pro Housing.

Bermon Pooters  Operations Manager